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hobo is an opinionated, batteries-included Rust frontend framework. Works on stable Rust.
STILL WIP although used in production by GR Digital
Check out the Book!

Notable features:

  • no virtual DOM - html elements are just components added to entities and can be accessed directly via web_sys::HtmlElement
  • no Model-View-Update (aka Elm architecture) - state management is manual, usually via Entity-Component relations
  • no HTML macros - just Rust functions
  • built-in macro-based styling, kind of like CSS-in-JS except it's just Rust
  • reactivity support via futures-signals
  • Entity-Component based approach allowing flexible state propagation and cohesion between elements without coupling or a need for global store or state

Sneak peek:

fn counter() -> impl hobo::Element {
    let counter = Mutable::new(0);

            css::width!(400 px),
            .text_signal(counter.signal().map(|value| {
                format!("Counter value is: {}", value);
            .on_click(move |_| *counter.lock_mut() += 1)